Premium Speaker System with XBass - Innovative & High Power in a compact size WHITE

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Music gives feelings to the space around you. It binds moments to memory. It brings people together. Fill the world with music through X6, a high-performance portable Bluetooth speaker with the power to transform any setting into an immersive auditory experience. 
It’s like your own portable & compact Devailet!


When music fills the space around you, it isn’t just heard — it’s felt. The X6 surrounds you with sound waves that resonate with the senses and bring music energy to life. Its compact size and sealed architecture are engineered to pack a wallop and deliver surprisingly-powerful and high-quality sound through a stainless steel front woofer and a 57mm rutie-boron lateral loudspeaker with a balanced bottom for total stability even at reverberating volumes. 
14.8" long X 10.5" height X 8.5"


Sleek, lightweight and durable, the X6 is easy to carry, fits in your hand or bag, and can be deployed anywhere and anytime an audible aura is well received. 


Connect 2 X6 speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 and immersive yourself in portable surround sound for 4D sound effects that give your music a multidimensional edge.



A charging time of only 1-2hrs fills the high-performance 1200mAh battery with 10 hours of continuous playtime so you can enjoy your favorite tracks nonstop till you drop. 


Connect X6 to any device by BT/TF/U disk/AUX and enjoy metal bass, 3D sound, DUO mode (4D sound), music, calls and radio with high-quality and crisp sound.


A built-in intelligent auto noise reduction microphone lets you answer your calls without disconnecting and have conversations on the spot or switch over to FM radio anytime.



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