Things For Her

We have put together a special selection of items from our collection, just for the ladies.  Its all about style & fashion with these products:



Smart Rope have recently released a brand new model, called the Rookie.  The Smart Rope is an amazing way to keep fit in your own home.  The Jump Rope is fully connected & will measure both your jump count & also your Calories burned.

You can share your work outs quickly with friends on Social Media & also compete with other Smart Jump Ropers around the world within the APP!

The Rookie is selling for $99

Click here to learn more: Smart Rope Rookie


D'Light Lamp is the first lamp in the world that lets you change the actual shape of the lamp to suit your mood....or the day.  Simply by gripping each corner of the lamp lets you adjust the shape - instantly.  If you don't like a shape, simply move and click to the next position!

The Lamp itself is made from tough fabric that is washable & there are two different designs: "Heart" and "Circular" which form slightly different patterns as the are moved.

Priced at $189

The link to D'Light Lamps is right here: D'Light Circular Lamp


The BABE Night Light is an adorable little bed-side lamp, for babies and children.  It has a soft yellow glow that changes colours as you tap the top of the light.  Its easy for even children to turn the light on & off by simply tapping the top of the soft-touch lamp, no switches or buttons to find.

The Light also has a shadow scene of a home & garden which goes right around the light.  This is a great addition to all babies rooms - for all the mothers out there.

Really affordable at $59

Find out more: Babe Children's Night Light


The little Xoopar Mini Boy is the coolest portable bluetooth speaker around!  Forget about carrying around boring black speakers when you can have this European designed guy!  The speaker pumps out amazing volume and quality & he comes in sixe bright colours: Black, Grey, Lime, Mint, Orange, Pink

Only $39

Available now right here: Xoopar Mini Boy Speaker


The Picooc S3 Fitness & Health Monitoring Scales provide you with much more information than just your weight - they let you analyse your body water %, bone mass, muscle mass, protein levels, in fact 13x body measurements - all from simply standing on the scales, once a day.

The APP is also really helpful & easy to use.  It allows you to monitor your bodies changes day after day & actually works as a motivational tool to improve your health & fitness.

The scales will connect up easily to your home WIFI so you have your fitness information instantly & will also bluetooth directly to your phone.

The S3 is selling for $199

Click here to learn more: Picooc S3 Fitness Scales