Things for Him

Kiwi males just love our things - so we have put a selection together, especially for the blokes

Take a look at some of these Unique things, designed to get the blokes all excited:

The Amazing GEO Powerbank, with LED Glowing Lighting.
This powerbank charges your phone in the coolest way possible.  It has good capacity of 5000 mAh.
Secondly it has a cool glowing feature, which kicks in whenever the powerbank is providing power to our phone.

You can buy it for $79

Available right now: GEO POWER BANK

The Great Transformers Movie "Bumble Bee" was a huge hit, and what self-respecting Transformers fan wouldn't love their very own Bumble Bee, officially licenced Bluetooth speaker!
The speaker is high quality with 5W of Power and will connect up instantly to any Bluetooth enabled phone.  The speakers is small enough to fit on any desk, beside the bed, or in the entertainment room.
A really good buy at $119
You can buy him now here:  BUMBLEBEE


This is quite possibly the BEST office and entertainment chair on the market.  It might look like any other regular gaming chair, but this chair is packed withe some amazing features including: BUILT-IN SURROUND SOUND SPEAKERS, BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH (so you can connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet or Laptop), BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY (so you don't have to be connected to cables while you listen to your music, play E-Sports, or Watch that Netflix Movie!). 
Available now for $699
You can buy your own X-Rocker Alpha here right now: ALPHA OFFICE CHAIR
clug, the worlds smallest bicycle standThis is a smart little device known as the CLUG.  It is simply the "World's smallest bicycle stand".  This ingenious little gadget basically locks your bike in-place & lets it stand upright by securely clipping into the bikes tire - best of all CLUG hardly takes up any space at all! 
In can be easily mounted anywhere: the inside wall of a garage, outside your house against a fence or the side of the house, or even inside your apartment!  And if you have multiple bikes, you can simply have a row of these mounted (say in your garage) meaning your bikes can sit side-by-side. 
When you want to use your bike, simply give the bike a tug & the CLUG un-clips instantly from the bikes tire.
CLUG is available in a range of tire sizes (depending on the size of your tire) whether you have a road bike, a mountain bike, or even a fat-tire cruiser!
A great price at only $36.99 
Buy one now on our our website: CLUG:The World's smallest bike stand
One of the most unique bluetooth speakers on the market right now has got to be the Lanchiya MK50SP Hybrid Vacuum Tube Speaker.  This speaker sits at the premium end of the market, and as any audiophile will tell you speakers which include a Vacuum tube are built for sound performance and the MK50SP does exactly that!
The amazing thing about this speaker is that it is ultra-portable with both bluetooth (so will wirelessly connect to your phone or tablet) and built-in battery so you can move it around.
Quite simply one of the most high performance portable speakers you are likely to see.
Priced at $229
Available & instock right now on our website: Lanchiya MK50SP Speaker