Feiyu Pocket Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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About Feiyu Pocket

Easy to reach a video journal

Feiyu pocket is a new intelligent handheld stabilized camera, support 4K/ 2.7K/ 1080P video recording. It is small and easy to carry. With a built-in touch screen, it can control and display a live view from the camera to shoot at any time easily. Connect with Feiyu Cam App to achieve more functions.

Feiyu pocket, the stabilized handheld camera, is a new type of intelligent handheld shooting device, which adopts the integrated design of gimbal and camera. It is lighter and smaller, one-handed holding, and easy to carry. It also has a large touch screen that allow real-time preview and control shooting, easily achieving the needs of shooting anytime, anywhere. Connect Feiyu pocket to Feiyu Cam App for more functions

Feiyu pocket has a small and light body, but powerful. It is made of aluminum alloy, with a net weight of only 115g. Its breakthrough structure and volume design make its body exquisite and compact, which can be easily put into the pocket.

Operating on the Large Touch Screen with One Finger
Without APP, Feiyu pocket can complete all operations through the touch screen, such as switching modes and setting parameters. The large touch screen is controllable with one finger, with rich functions and excellent touch experience.

Exquisite experience
From the design concept to the structure and function, every detail of Feiyu pocket is professionally designed and made with care. Feiyu pocket combines with the ergonomic structure makes the arc of the body perfectly fit the palm of the hand, making the grip more comfortable and stable.

Efficient Thermal Design
The heat dissipation system is upgraded, and the high-efficiency heat dissipation system and high thermal conductive fiber material can be used to quickly alleviate the heat problem caused by long-term shooting, and keep the body "cool" all the time, and guarantee the efficient operation of the gimbal.

More Creative Shooting Ways
Thanks to the miniature high-torsion mechanical anti-shake technology, it can realize a variety of professional photography methods, such as all following mode, trail time-lapse, slow motion, and panoramic mode; with a large touch screen, it will bring you a more pleasant and exquisite experience of shooting.

All following mode
Get rid of the angle constraint, Feiyu pocket can achieve 360 Degree all following shooting.

Trail time-lapse
Feiyu pocket can record the light and shadow through preset motion tracking.

Slow motion
Feiyu pocket can shoot slow motion video at 1080p 4X, and high frame rate allows you to capture every wonderful moment.

Panoramic mode
Feiyu pocket can be easily switched among different panorama modes, such as 180 Degree, 3x3, 2x2, etc.

Feiyu Pocket Features

  • Weight only 115g
  • 4K@60fps
  • 120 Degree ultra-wide lens
  • large IPS touch screen
  • 270 minutes long battery life
  • Static & track time lapse
  • 6-axis hybrid anti-shake algorithm
  • Efficient thermal design
  • Compact, integrated gimbal and camera shooting device
  • Large touch screen for one finger operation
  • Follow, time-lapse, panoramic & slow motion functions
  • Miniature high-torsion mechanical anti-shake technology
  • Arc of the gimbal fits perfectly in the palm of your hand


* Please note, tripod shown is not included

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