Smart Pad - Natural Writing Digital Writing Pad - Grey

by Max eye
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The Smart Pad Digital Writing Pad is an amazing digital writing notepad that combines the natural writing ability of a standard paper notepad, along with the ease of use of a digitized APP on your phone.

The unopened Notebook Folio measures 250mm height x 200mm  wide x 17mm deep & the mottled grey folio design is also elegantly textured.

E Iink Digital Writing pad introduction

No longer do you need to worry about trying to write cumbersome notes on your smart phone - using the Maxeye Digital notepad, you simply write on the included standard notebook (no special paper required) & it will digitize your writing and send it off to your Smart phone - what could be easier!

Even better the Smart Phone APP now actually recognizes natural handwriting styles.

The Smart Notepad actually works with both Apple iPhones (IOS) and Android based phones also.

The Notepad can be charged quickly and easily using USB & has extra long battery life!

You can even write notes on the notebook while the phone & app are not on - and simply sync the APP when you start it up later to download all your notes.

Because the Notepad is standard paper - you can replace the notepad with any similar sized notepad from a stationery store & the pen that comes with the notepad uses standard ink-refills. 


Note that the phone shown in the images & video is not included

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