Smart rope ROOKIE - Connected Smart Jump Rope with Jump Count & Calorie Burn

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SmartRoope Rookie Logo
  • The most efficient cardio exercise now improved with the Smart Jump Rope Rookie.
  • The jump rope connects to the SmartRope mobile app (iOS, Android, Apple Watch) via Bluetooth to tell you about your cardio exercise.
  • SmartRope app keeps track of workout data: jump count, calories burned, and time spent jumping.
  • Stay motivated to jump rope by unlocking awards, doing interval trainings, and challenging other Smart Rope users to ever more intense cardio exercises.
  • The rope itself is completely adjustable; the Rookie is powered by a coin battery that can last up to 9 months.

SmartRope app

Pair Smart Rope ROOKIE with the SmartRope app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. It accurately records each complete revolution of the rope as a complete jump, as well as monitoring calories burned and workout times. The app offers interval training recommendations and keeps you motivated by unlocking awards and supporting competition with friends. In addition, you can sync it with Apple HealthKit to help provide an even more accurate picture of your overall well-being.


You can adjust the rope length to suit users up to 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 meters) tall. Please use caution when cutting the rope, because you can’t lengthen it once it’s been cut.


Proprietary magnetic sensors accurately track each jump

Pairs with SmartRope app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to help you exercise smarter

App and firmware updates keep the experience fresh and new

Two ball bearings ensure smooth, natural motion

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    The Newest Evolution of the Jump Rope


    Smart Rope Rookie: An App-Connected Jump Rope that Motivates You to Jump to New Heights

    SmartRope Rookie, or just Rookie for short, is a true and improved fitness experience like never before. The smooth and easy handling of this jump rope makes your next cardio workout a pure breeze. Far from being a simple jump rope, the Rookie connects to the free SmartRope app, which tracks your workout stats, exercise progress and lets you challenge others to a jump rope competition. The Rookie is the future of connected fitness in both your hands!

    SmartRope app is our app that connects to the Smart Rope Rookie, which receives and relays your workout information in real time. The information provided through the app creates an “anytime, anywhere” fitness experience. The SmartRope app is available on Android or iOS devices, as well as fitness wearables!

    Jumping rope is a workout that can be done virtually everywhere. Think of all the reasons we don’t work out - it’s raining, we’re too busy today, we don’t want to add yet another monthly expense to the budget. If you have a few square feet and a few minutes, you can have an incredibly rewarding cardio workout, at work, at home, or anywhere else. Combined with the advanced technology of the SmartRope app your workout, and body, can only improve!

    SmartRope Colors

    Available in Coral, Blue, Pink, and Black

    Four Colors & Fabric Pouch

    The Rookie comes in four different colors: Coral, Blue, Pink, and Black. You can mix and match the handles of different Smart Ropes to adapt them to taste! Every Rookie also comes with a fabric pouch, making it easy to carry it with you wherever you go!

    Adjustable Rope that Fits All

    The Smart Rope Rookie is easily adjustable and will fit people of most sizes, as the rope itself is 9'10". The rope does not need to be cut, making sure you can adjust the length as you improve your jumping.

    SmartRope App. for iOS and Android


    Basic Count - It is the most basic mode of SmartRope. Jumping rope while connected to the app will automatically start counting at any time. The basic count shows the number of daily rope count, calories, time, and goal achievement.

    Interval Training - It is a mode that alternates exercise and relaxation. Interval training can consume a lot of calories in a short time compared to the momentum because the heart rate is maintained even during the resting period. From the easy steps to the difficult stages, you can choose the strength that suits you and gradually increase it.

    Leader Board - You can check your daily / weekly / overall rankings among SmartRope users around the world. Compete against SmartRope users around the world and get your positions up!

    History - Record your daily exercise and graph it. You can check the monthly / yearly graph to see if you achieved your daily goal.

    Competition - Compete with friends who use SmartRopes. Invite your friends to work out together! Through the competition, we put a fire in your fighting spirit.

    Etc. - Supports Apple Health and Google Fitness.

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    SmartRope Rookie - Every set of SmartRope Rookie contains a left handle and a right handle. The left handle has the 'Rookie' logo printed on it vertically; the right handle does not feature any kind of logo. The new product includes a battery in the right hand grip. You can store extra batteries in the right handle when not in use for a long time.

    Rope - Each SmartRope Rookie comes with a 3 meter long rope and two rope holders. Attach the rope to the handles by inserting the rope through a rope holder and then inserting it through the upper hole at the end of the handle and then pulling it through the lower hole and attach it to the remaining hole of the rope holder. Do the same for the other handle. For images and more detailed instructions, please see the user manual.

    Coin Battery - The Smart Rope Rookie makes use of coin batteries. Each Smart Rope Rookie comes with a coin battery, which is housed in the right handle (the handle without a logo). A single coin battery will last you about 6 months when used for only 30 minutes of daily workouts. However, the battery can last much longer than that, when exercising less, or storing the battery in the right handle when not in use.

    Pouch - SmartRope Includes a dedicated fabric pouch for carrying or storing rookies. (There may be differences in material and color depending on when the product is purchased.)







    What’s in the Box

    Tangram Factory Smart Rope ROOKIE Skipping Rope

    Extra colour handles

    Battery (CR2032)

    Carrying pouch

    Quick start guide

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Batteries Required, Health App Compatible

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: Battery

    Batteries: CR2032 Lithium

    Battery life: Approximately 6 months

    Stand By Time: Approximately 12 months

    Length: 317 cm/10.4 ft.