Smart rope ORIGINAL - with built in LEDs for measuring Jump count

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• Range of sizes to fit everyone!
• The evolution of a classic
• The best cardio work out around – anytime, anywhere
• Track your jump count, calories burned, and get interval training recommendations
• Smart Rope syncs with the smart gym mobile platform, available for iOS, android, apple watch, and bpebble watch – monitor progress and compete with friends

Experience the evolution of a cardio workout classic with the Tangram Factory Smart Rope LED jump rope. Thanks to the 23 LEDs in the rope connected to magnetic sensors, you can see your fitness data in mid-air as you jump. Two sets of ball bearings in each handle guarantee smooth, natural motion.

Smart Gym Pro app

Pair Smart Rope with the Smart Gym app. It accurately records each complete revolution of the rope as a complete jump, as well as monitoring calories burned and workout times. The app offers interval training recommendations and keeps you motivated by unlocking awards and supporting competition with friends.


The Small (S) size rope is for users 152 to 163 cm (5 ft. to 5 ft. 4 in.) tall.

The Medium (M) rope is for users 165 to 175 cm (5 ft. 5 in. to 5 ft. 9 in.) tall.

The Large (L) rope is for users 178 to 188 cm (5 ft. 10 in. to 6 ft. 2 in.) tall.