We have Great gifts for Males this Christmas!

We have Great gifts for Males this Christmas!

We have landed all sorts of exciting gifts for men & are excited to show you what we have.

All of these have been hand-picked by our team & are all trending gifts for 2022 so are sure to be a hit this Christmas, so here is a short selection!


UBTech Iron Man Robot

iron man robot

This is a REAL ROBOT.  He stands about 30cm tall & can walk, talk and perform duties straight out of the Iron Man Movies!  Fully Programmable he is great for anyone wanting to learn coding! Iron Man Robot is available here


Smart Digital Notepad

The Smart Digital Notepad looks and feels just like any other notepad with paper, and comes in a Compendium to give it a professional look.  The difference here is the special Pen that comes with the Notepad.

When you write on the paper notepad with the pen (yes it's just a normal ball point pen) it ALSO send the note wirelessly back to your Android Mobile phone APP!  So its the best of both worlds - you get to write on the notepad but also save your note on your phone.  The Smart Digital Notepad Is available here


Xoopar Wireless Charging Dock

wireless charging dock

the Xoopar Wireless charging dock is a very stylish wireless charging dock for any phone or watch that charges using the Globally accepted QI Standard.  The Wireless dock stands on your desk & is angled allowing to you charge your phone, but at the same time seeing and using your mobile device.  The Xoopar Wireless Charging Dock is available here


Panmu X12 Earbuds

Panmu X12 Earbuds

The Panmu X12 Earbuds are a great pair of Earbuds that are exceptional value for money and have many features that are found on more high end earbuds.  they come in a handy rechargeable case, which will recharge your earbuds in only 1.5 hours.  The battery will give you four hour talk time and uptown 3 hours of music playback.  The X12 Earbuds are available right now here


Xoopar Power Card Slim in Black

slim powerbank

 This is the smallest and most elegant Powerbank on the market. Small enough to simply slip into your front shirt pocket, it is super convenient if you ever need to charge your phone quickly.  Never get caught out when your phone runs out of battery life!  Made from brushed aluminium the Power Card has excellent build quality!  The Xoopar Power Card Slim can be purchased here


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