Top 5 Tech Toys For Kids

Top 5 Tech Toys For Kids

With kids these days spending so much time on electronic screens, we thought it’d be good to give a few fun alternative tech toys for kids to interact and play with, as well as learn important problem-solving skills at the same time.


5. Mini Hornit Kids Bike Horn

The Mini Hornit Bike Horn is a great accessory to bikes and scooters for kids. With 25 different sound effects and LED lights, kids can have a blast playing outdoors with the Mini Hornit.

The Mini Hornit is easy to clip on and use and you won’t have to worry about your kids having to take their hands off the handlebars to trigger the sound effects.

You can find out more about the Mini Hornit here.



4. Boogie Board Scribble N’ Play

The Boogie Board Scribble N’ Play lets children flex their creative muscles. It feels just like pen and paper when drawing, but the really cool thing about the Boogie Board is that it can connect to the Scribble N’ Play App, letting your kids save, edit or print their favourite drawings on the App.

Not to mention it also lets you save these memories in digital form for when they grow up!

You can find out more about the Boogie Board here.


3. Drones

Drones are a great way to get kids to go outdoors – they can provide tons of fun (even for adults!) and they can now be purchased on budget.

We personally recommend the Mini Skywalker drone to begin with as it is easy to control. In addition to this, the outer casing means your kids will be safe from the propellers and you won’t have to worry about them bumping the drone into walls or trees.

There are two versions of the Mini Skywalker (large and small). You can check them out here:

Mini Skywalker


2. MUBOT Space Bot

The MUBOT is a next-generation way for children to build their own robot from basic components. It’s a mix of a toy and a learning experience – think Lego but also includes software that allows the MUBOT to interact intelligently with the builder.

Children can follow the instructions to assemble the Bot and even learn how to program the MUBOT’s actions.

You can find out more here.


1. Cognitoys Dino

Finally, at #1 on our list is the Cognitoys Dino. This Dino is an intelligent companion that connects over Wifi and interacts with the user.

It can play games, answer questions and even crack jokes – all of which are continually updated to be improved via Wifi connection (it’ll even sing “Happy Birthday” on your child’s birthday!).

Powered by IBM’s Watson and Elemental Path’s Friendgine technology, the Cognitoys Dinos don’t just respond, they respond intelligently. If a child’s scared, the Dino consoles the child and encourages them to speak to an adult they trust. Or, if a child tells the Dino they’re sad, the toy may suggest a funny joke.

On top of this, the Dino connects to the Cognitoys App to the Parent Panel, where it provides insight on how your child plays with the Dino, which topics they prefer and so forth.

You can find out more about the Cognitoys Dino here.

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