Tech Outlet has some of the best Remote Control Cars for 2021 !

Tech Outlet has some of the best Remote Control Cars for 2021 !

We are very excited to say that we have one of the largest ranges of Remote Control Toys in New Zealand and in particular we have lots of stock right now of the popular Offroad RC Buggy or Rock Crawler styles.

We have worked really hard to source new new RC toys from around the work, and 2021 has brought some some really cool, new and interesting RC toys, for example:

The Ever Popular Mighty RC Rock Crawler has always been one of the most popular RC Cars of all time, and this year we are carrying the quality HB Toys Brand.
This offroad RC Buggy is purpose made for offroad action & has great clearance and suspension when the going gets really tough!  it comes with built-in rechargeable battery for ease of charging via USB.
The Red model is available right now on our website: Red Rock Crawler

The Lamborghini Poison Alloy High Speed remote control car is a new one for Tech Outlet for 2021.

This RC Car's detail is exception which you can probably tell from the image, right down to the decals and paintwork & is available in mixed colours: bright Red & Gun Metal Grey.  Secondly this is an Alloy Metal Car so is solid and well constructed.  If you are wanting to give a child quality RC Car this Christmas that is going to last much longer than most - then certainly add this one to you Christmas list.  Lamborghini Poison Alloy High Speed RC Car is available on our website here


We also have the very popular HB Toys Electric Desert RC Truck.  This one is one of our most popular RC Toys for very good reason - it looks great and has good performance.  It as full working independent suspension right around and really soft air-filled tires, meaning that it is built to tackle all sorts of rough terrain.
Best of all it comes in three very cool colour schemes: Blue/Grey, Orange/Black, and Camo.   
Available right now on our website: Electric Desert RC Truck Orange


Really Importantly for us - we keep all of our toys at our local New Zealand warehouse & our Kiwi staff are really good at dispatching customer orders sometimes within a day of receiving them!  This means you are likely to get your new toy a lot quicker if you shop with Tech Outlet this Christmas season.
You can see our full range of RC Cars by Clicking this link right here 


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