Review of the K-80 Camera Drone

Review of the K-80 Camera Drone

The K-80 Drone is one of the most stable & easy to fly drones on the market.  It has auto height control, meaning that it will hold it's own height in the air making it much easier to control.  It has proven itself to be an excellent beginner drone.

With the built-in camera, this allows you to record what the drone sees & the remote control itself it styled around a gaming controller & feels very ergonomic in-hand.

The drone also comes with additional Propellers - just in case you damage the ones that are pre-installed on the drone & also propeller protectors which once installed also means that you can fly the drone inside & hit a wall, you will have some protection for the propellers.

The K-80 is in stock & available right now on our website:

The video below really goes into depth about the K-80 & really shows, take a look here:

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