Black Friday 2023 is officially kicking off here at Tech Outlet!

Black Friday 2023 is officially kicking off RIGHT NOW at Tech Outlet!

We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our Biggest Sale Event of the Year at Tech Outlet - BLACK FRIDAY!  This is always a manic time of the year for us here at Tech Outlet & we are thinking that this year won't be any different!


We have Black Friday deals right across our range of products, whether that's Xoopar Bluetooth Speakers, Apollo Scooters, Hornit AIRO Kids Balance Bikes, or Feiyutech Photography Gimbals - there is something for everyone!

So we are excited to announce that our Black Friday deals have officially kicked off - here is just a very quick selection of what we have:


Boogie Board Scribble'n'Play

was $89, NOW ONLY $69 (SAVE 23%)

this is a fun E-Writer designed for the kids, it lets them doodle and draw in full rainbow colours!  Best of all you can quickly erase and start all over again, no paper no mess.

Comes with a number of writing tools designed for small hands - which lets your children really get creative! CLICK HERE


Apollo Light Commuter Electric Scooter

was $1599, NOW ONLY $1299 (SAVE $300)

The Apollo Light is a great scooter for getting around on a daily basis. Strong and sturdy it comes with suspension both front and rear for ironing out the bumps in the road and footpath, with good power for getting up hills.  Folds down completely for easy storage and transport in cars. CLICK HERE

Powervision Power Egg X Explorer Drone

was $1699, NOW ONLY $1199 (SAVE $500)

The Power Egg X is a great drone to fly.  It's very easy to use, and fun to use. WIth 4K/60fps camera and upto 6km range - this is certainly a high performance drone!
The Power Egg X is also very unique in that you can easily convert it to a full stabilised 4K handycam, or a self tracking remote cameraman if you using a tripod. CLICK HERE


was $139, NOW ONLY $99 (SAVE $39)


The new Nikko VaporizR XT is a true go anywhere RC, Dirt, Mud, Snow, and Water, the Nano VaporizR XTs real 4 wheel drive power and amphibious ability conquers every terrain, even letting you drive on water! The ultimate in all terrain, the Nano VaporizR XT is ready to take your RC racing the the next level. CLICK HERE


was $459, NOW ONLY $299 (SAVE $159)

Own your Very own Official Licenced Marvel IRON MAN robot!  Much more than a toy, IRON MAN is an advanced educational robot that will also teach your children coding.  You can change the face of Tony Stark (under the helmet) to your own face!
Using your phone or Tablet you can give him controls via the APP, and play virtual AI Games in a virtual world!  Hours of fun and learning teaching him new tricks with Coding function. CLICK HERE

Feiyutech Photography Gimbals

upto 50% off our Gimbals

Right now for Black Friday we have all of our Photography Gimbals and Mobile phone Gimbals on promotion with some whopping deals!. CLICK HERE


Our Black Friday Deals are right across ALL our products on our Web store, so if you want to see more CLICK HERE to see more!

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