Waxwing 138mm Sinking - Sardine

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The Shimano Waxwing Saltwater Lure looks radically different than anything on the market today. This patent pending subsurface lure swims with a kick that absolutely drives fish nuts. Though the kick is reminiscent of iron lures, the look is a radical departure. It has a seductive zigzag motion from the upper wing, while the lower wing acts as a rudder to prevent rolling. Fishing the Shimano Waxwing Saltwater Lure is extremely easy. Simply cast and reel in. That's it!

The Shimano Waxwing Saltwater Lure features incredibly sharp upward facing double tinned Owner hooks with a durable paint finish that holds up quite well to fish bites, rocks, etc.

Shimano Waxwing Saltwater Lure Features:

  • Hydrodynamic body design
  • Upper Wing makes the lure swim in a zigzag motion
  • Lower Wing prevents the lure from rolling
  • Owner Tin-plated double hook
  • Stainless Wire-through construction
  • UV reactive paint on lateral line
  • Quantity: 1
  • Available colours: Black Chrome, Blue Sardine, Pink White, Green Mackerel, Copper Blue Silver
  • Length (mm): 138mm
  • Weight: 62g