New Sketch Palz from Boogie Board

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A clippable, shareable,
collectible doodle buddy

Clip on anything... perfect for bus rides

Start over with the push of a nose.

Mess free drawing, doodling, and playing.

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Rawry, the Dinosaur

Simple for you. Good for everyone.

Saves Money

No Paper. No Pens.

Green and clean.

No Mess. No Chemicals.

Nothing to plug in

Batteries last years.

Nothing to plug in

Batteries last years.

Electronic tablets don’t always have to mean wires, charging, and high price points. With Boogie Board’s latest line of sketch products, the electronic tablet company is bringing simplicity, learning, and a little bit of fun to sketch toys for kids.

Unveiled at this year’s Toy Fair New York, two new sketch products from Boogie Board could be an exciting way for kids to make their marks. Boogie Board Sketch Pals are handheld-sized tablets in fun character covers that clip to a backpack or bag for on-the-go doodling. With an attached stylus and fun characters, such as a dragon, a dog, or a unicorn, Sketch Pals could be the platform for a quick game of tic-tac-toe, a funny note, or showcasing a little bit of personality to classmates and friends. Kids can erase the fun with a push of the Pal’s nose and start all over again for endless doodling.

Older kids can sharpen their sketching skills with the Boogie Board Sketch Studio, a larger tablet with more than 20 learn-to-draw templates of faces, cartoons, and animals. Kids can erase their work with a one-touch button or lock the screen to save their sketches for a little extra showing-off time. The templates and included stylus can be hidden away in the included storage bin under the comfort-grip tablet. For any kid interested in becoming a better illustrator, this is a great stepping stone.