Model S Metal Art Aluminium Construction set Model S) : STEAM Toy - Silver

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Based on 10 different shaped blocks, Metal Art models brings you some basic combinations like animals, transportations, and robots. With our specially designed double-thread screw and aluminum alloy rod, Metal Art is no longer a toy in your hands, put wheels on it, it becomes toy rides with mobility. When combining 2 or more models together, there are even more variations to come.

Great way to start children out in a career of mechanical engineering!

  • ENDLESS IMAGINATION -- Sparks endless creativity for children and even adults! Many parents often tell us their kids are so engaged in building structures using Metal Art, they will let their imagination run for hours at a time! Create flat or 3-dimensional structures. Fun and conducive for all skill levels!.
  • AMAZING COGNITIVE BENEFIT -- Develop critical thinking & problem solving skills while having a blast! Metal Art ticks all the boxes... enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logic, and sensory development. Metal Art even serves patients of occupational therapy and Autism extremely effectively..
  • BETTER THAN PLASTIC -- Premium metal pieces do not fall apart or break like plastic. Customers love our blocks because they are solidly built and almost indestructible. Our 10 modular shapes can be interconnected by using our patented connecting mechanism that allows two adjacent blocks to be secured easily in any angle..

This is model "S" / Infinity which has 19x Pieces