Lanchiya Hybrid Vacuum-tube Speaker System : High performance & portable (Black)

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Compact portable size professional Bluetooth vacuum tube speaker system.


VACUUM TUBE Customized hybrid vacuum tube

 The quality of LANCHIYA® customized vacuum tubes for the new hybrid amplifiers is the same as what the military industrial enterprise requests. We take the advantage of the even harmonics to enhance the dynamic range and the frequency response of the sound. The tubes can make the sound mellow and charming. The life of the tubes is about 50,000 hours.


EAI / iEAI Advanced DSP sound technology E.A.I bass technology

LANCHIYA®EAI™ (Electronics&Acoustics Integration) chip module to make the electronics, speaker drivers and housing structure match each other perfectly so that the whole speaker system can perform at its best status and produce the best sound.  With the help of DSP to correct the input signal in a nondestructive way , the whole speaker system can perform beyond its physical limitation.    

Experience our audio technology taken to new heights with E.A.I & Digital Sound Processing (DSP) Fine-tuned for perfection maximum power generated from its two 2 ¼” full-range active wide frequency response speaker driver units.

Bluetooth.png NFC.png

TWS (True wireless connection) & NFC easy pairing

CSR TWS Bluetooth Version 4.2 + EDR/A2DP 

3.5mm AUX.png

AUX 3.5mm Stereo AUX input port

AUX in for additional multimedia audio sources.

Touch control.png

Touch control user interface

Touch-sensitive operation avoiding the shortage of

physical buttons like mechanical fatigue, resonance etc. 


Type C standard USB recharge port

USB boosting charge for Li-ion battery



ferrite magnet + neodymium magnet

paper cone.png

100% paper-pulp speaker cone design

Flower horn.png

Minimum diffraction horn type tweeter

Conex damper.png

Conex damper

RMS 40W.png

8W RMS (T.H.D 1%) I.E.C STANDARD (Single)


MD horn.png

Full-range speaker driver unit design

Full-range Speaker & 2ch stereo type (TWS) /  8W x2 Total 16W RMS Output power ( I.E.C Standard )  made with advanced Sound Technology through Research & Development.

Paper-pulp speaker unit design has been around for decades.  However, through many years of R&D testing and improvements, LANCHIYA®  a developed a precise special formula to ensure LANCHIYA®  100% paper-pulp design has achieved the most advantageous solution in the industry.

LANCHIYA®’s professional design and engineering team has worked on Audio field for 36years. We design, develop, research, and produce every speaker unit from beginning to the end to guarantee perfect quality control.