AR Blaster Gun - Augmented Reality Toy Gun


AR Blaster Gun represents a new age of Mixed Reality gaming, simply attach either your Apple Phone or Android phone for hours of fun & lots of free games to choose from!

Whether you are into First Person shooters, Tank Warfare, or Battling Zombies in your living room – the AR Blaster gun is so realistic & so much fun!

Augmented Reality Gun -simply clip your phone in, download the FREE App (with Built-in Games including, Capturing Fish & Whales underwater, shooting at UFOs, or Combating Fighter Aircraft)

  • Works with most smartphones, both Android & Apple
  • Fits phones 4" up to 6" in size
  • Lots of games currently available for free download - with more to come!
  • Requires 2x AAA batteries not included
  • Smartphone not included

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