Ambi Climate - Remote Air Conditioning Control


AI-powered smart air conditioner controller, Wi-Fi, iOS/Android compatible, 

Personalized Comfort Made Easy with AI
Learns from your feedback to auto-adjust your air conditioner, maximize how you feel and save up to 30% on energy.

Temperature Alone Doesn’t Cut It
Taking Everything Into Account
Do you know what affects your comfort? We do. Ambi Climate’s sensors and live data will help create a personalized Comfort Profile, to optimally adjust your environment based on you.

The World’s First AI Enabled Smart Air Conditioner Controller
Discover a Whole New Level of Smart
Say goodbye to constant AC adjustments. See how Ambi Climate uses machine learning to maintain your comfort.

AI Engine and Multiple Sensors
Intelligently learns from your feedback and analyzes online data to deliver comfort you didn’t know existed.

  • Access Anywhere: Control & monitor on-the-go, wherever you are.
  • Smart Home Integration: IFTTT enabled, plus an open API for you to enjoy.
  • Smart Scheduling: Unlimited timers and rules to plan out your day and create the perfect automation.
  • Comfort Model: A personalized Comfort Profile that knows what you need and fits your every move.

Control at Your Fingertips
Always stay on top of things; view AC run time, average temperature and humidity, your favorite modes and your unique comfort profile.

Whether you have a window, wall mounted or portable AC, Ambi Climate can work with it. We are currently compatible with over 1,200 air conditioner LCD-screen remotes and are increasing this number constantly. Our infrared code database makes setting up a breeze, meaning you won’t need to program your remote into our system.

Click HERE to check that your remote is supported. If you don’t see it, let us know so we can add it as quickly as possible.


  • Which air conditioners does Ambi Climate support?

Ambi Climate is compatible with over 50 brands and 1,200 remotes. Whether you have a window, wall mounted, split or portable air conditioner, Ambi Climate can work with most remotes that have an LCD screen; even air conditioners with heating capabilities! If your remote is not listed on our compatibility page or if you have a Frigidaire remote, please send us photos of the front and back of your remote and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • How is it different from a regular remote?

Traditional remote controls allow choosing a set temperature without taking into consideration the actual conditions. Ambi Climate uses real-time outdoor weather data and sensors to measure the temperature, humidity and sunlight. Our Machine Learning capabilities combine this data along with your feedback to auto-adjust the air conditioner for optimal comfort.

  • How many times do I need to give feedback before Ambi Climate starts learning?

Ambi Climate starts learning from the very first feedback given. We often recommend users to give feedback once or twice daily for a week, preferably under various climate conditions and time of day, in order to optimize Ambi Climate’s AI performance. After this period, feedback should only be required when outdoor conditions or your daily patterns change.

  • Can I share my device with another user?

Yes. You can share your device access with as many users as you like, be it your parents, partner or anyone else. They can set up an account to build their own personalized profile by providing feedback on their comfort. If multiple users are present, the AI will adjust the air conditioner based on the last feedback given.

  • How can I track my usage pattern overtime?

Our in-app Analytics page will keep you informed on your AC usage patterns. You can track your AC runtime, mode usage, average AC set points, as well as visualize the factors that affect your comfort the most.

  • Can I set smart timers?

You can set up to 10 timers! Simply name your timer, select the time to start and days you would like it to run on. This will automatically switch your Ambi Climate to any smart modes or off at your preferred time.

  • Is it simple to set up Ambi Climate?

Our simple and quick installation process lets you install Ambi Climate in a breeze! Simply download our app, plug in your Ambi, connect it to your WiFi network, followed by a few in-app steps and you’re good to go!
Setting up the device takes approximately 5 minutes, no technician required.

  • Does Ambi Climate need internet & power all the time?

Our AI relies on the real-time sensor data collected and sent back to our cloud by Ambi Climate to control your air conditioner, so it’ll need continual internet connectivity. It should be plugged into a power outlet to provide sufficient power for the device to send infrared signals.


  • Open API: With an open API, Ambi Climate opens your AC to a new world of possibilities. You can integrate your Ambi Climate with a range of smart hubs or customize your control.
  • IFTTT: Connect your IFTTT account to Ambi Climate and create your new applets for personalized control. You can also browse our existing applets for ideas!
Currently, you can create triggers to
Turn your air conditioner on/off based on your smartphone location
Get notified if your room gets too hot/cold/humid





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