Powerocks S2 Electric Scooter

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Excellent Craftsmanship, Superior materials

From the frame to the pillow, S2 has brought meticulousness into every single parts. From the meterial choosing in the beginning to the final process technology, every step is severity. Using aircraft aluminum alloy, after punching and cutting a few times to make the part AIO(all-in-one). We even made the patented Tapper Folding structure for a better folding experience, and with Double Brake system for safer riding. 

Safe lithium-ion battery, Zero air pollution

Every S2 is equipped with 30 Tesla-leveled 18650 Li-ion battery cells, longer circle life & stability ensured. with 350W/ 36V powerful motor and 6.6Ah capacity, range up to 40Km provided. What's more, S2 is equipped with Auto-level intelligent BMS(Battery Management System) so as to probide a comprehensive security for the battery pack. 

Fun ride, Fun life

S2 is an original creation. Turn on the scooter, no pressing the speed button, when you kick to start the scooter, system will automatically recognize and give the scooter some electric power to speed up. Giving you a smoother ride. 

Weight 13.5 kg
Max speed 25 km/h 
Max range 40 km 
Max Loading Weight 120 kg 
Dimension (Standing) 966 x 555 x 1145 mm
Dimension (Folded) 960 x 177 x 369 mm