Splashdrone 3.0 Fishing Drone - Ex Demonstration Model


The Splashdrone 3 is the ultimate fishing drone!  Splash drone can carry a fishing line to the desired location for perfect bait or lure delivery.
Perfect for a beach, boat or rock fishing, or even for lakes & rivers!
With the ability for Splashdrone to lift up to 1kg of dead-weight, the Splashdrone 3 PLUS is able to carry multiple baits on a “mini long-line” & get your bait over the strike-zone quickly and easily. 
The Live Video Feed to your remote control lets you see where you are dropping your bait or lure, over a work-up, over a channel, beside a reef.  Set your bait perfectly around bottom structure or fish activity every time!
There are a significant number of applications for a Ruggedized drone with a Payload release including Coast Guard/ Water Rescue & also agriculture, forestry, Oil & Gas, and other commercial/ industrial uses. With the built-in Real-time Live Video feed to the remote controller, this means you can always see where you are dropping your payload.

The special thing about the Splash Drone Pro is that it is the worlds first multi-use water-resistant drone. It is ideal for aerial filming around the water (including saltwater) without the worry of losing the drone in the water – as it floats! Additionally with the payload release mechanism (that is included) – Splashdrone now becomes an amphibious fishing drone, able carry fishing lines quickly and easily upto 1000 metres offshore.

This is a fully working EX Demonstration model.  It has been used but at the same time is in great condition

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