Great Deals right now on Power Vision Power Egg X Drone/AI Camera/Handy-Cam

Great Deals right now on Power Vision Power Egg X Drone/AI Camera/Handy-Cam

Right now we have a very special deal on the Power Egg X Drone PLUS we are throwing in an additional Drone battery (which is worth $299)!

The Power Egg X is not only a drone, it is also a Handy Camera with a 4K Camera, and also a Fixed mount camera with artificial intelligence!

These three features are INCLUDED as standard in the package for no extra expense - making the Power Egg X amazingly versatile.  Here are a break-down of these features:


The PowerEgg X features strong face recognition capabilities.

Its face recognition accuracy is continuously improved through deep learning training to follow the object when taking a photo or recording a video.

Additionally, the intelligent composition mode is available for general shots and selfies to improve the photography experience further.



In Drone Mode, the PowerEgg X is a high-performance drone.

It is suitable for highly dynamic aerial photography thanks to its 4K/60fps camera and triaxial mechanical gimbal.

The user can control real-time 1080P image transmission within a distance of 6KM(FCC). It has a maximum wind speed resistance of up to 35 kph so that it can stably fly in coastal or windy conditions.

The PowerEgg X has a flight time of up to 30 minutes.



The PowerEgg X is not just a drone, it is also a hand-held gimbal camera.

When switched into hand-held mode, the PowerEgg X can capture life’s beautiful moments anytime, anywhere using its triaxial mechanical stability augmentation gimbal and Autonomous Personal AI Camera.


The Wizard Kit (optional) allow users to fly in the rain. It performs well in harsh environments.

By installing waterproof accessories (optional), the PowerEgg X can fly in rain and take off and land on water.

It is ideal for marine aerial photography, Farming and agriculture applications and other uses where wind and rain resistance is important.

Buy Power Egg X right now here at a Special Price : Power Egg X 


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